MGA – Magna International Inc. 曼格纳国际

曼格纳国际 (Magna International Inc.) 是一家全球领先的汽车零部件供应商,在29个国家拥有313家制造厂,88个产品开发、工程和销售中心。 Magna International Inc. 国际业务通过各个分部进行,每个分部作为一个独立的业务单元根据预先设定的规章运作。为满足客户需求,及时对区域经济和行业因素做出反应,该公司的分部将每一个产品领域与地理区域相联系。因此,该公司在三个不同的地方设立报告分部——北美,欧洲及世界其它地区。公司还要维持企业日常及其他业务,这构成一个独立的报告分部,支持或辅助汽车及其他业务。


Magna International prides itself on a highly entrepreneurial culture and a corporate constitution that outlines distribution of profits to various stakeholders. This automotive supplier’s product groups include exteriors, interiors, seating, roof systems, body and chassis, powertrain, vision and electronic systems, closure systems, electric vehicle systems, tooling and engineering, and contracted vehicle assembly. Roughly half of Magna’s revenue comes from North America while Europe accounts for approximately 44%.




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