PATH – UiPath Inc

UiPath, Inc. 于2015年6月9日在特拉华州注册成立。他们提供了一个端到端的自动化平台,该平台通过一套相互关联的软件产品提供了一系列机器人过程自动化解决方案。他们的使命是通过实现完全自动化的企业并通过自动化赋予工人权力来释放人类的创造力和创造力。


UiPath Inc creates an end-to-end platform that provides automation with user emulation at its core. Its platform is built to be used by employees throughout a company and to address a wide variety of use cases, from simple tasks to long-running, complex business processes. It generates revenue from the sale of licenses for its proprietary software, maintenance and support, and professional services. It generates a majority of the revenues from the US, followed by Romania and the rest of the world.




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