06618 - JD Health International Inc 京东健康

京东健康股份有限公司 (JD Health International Inc) 是一家主要从事“互联网+医疗健康”生态系统业务的中国投资控股公司。该公司主要为客户提供医药和健康产品、互联网医疗、健康管理及智能医疗保健解决方案及为业务合作伙伴提供市场营销服务。该公司主要在国内市场开展业务。

中文介绍: https://xueqiu.com/S/06618

JD Health International Inc is the online healthcare platform in China. The company's technology-driven platform is centered on the supply chain of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and strengthened by healthcare services, encompassing a user's full life span for all healthcare needs. It also offers holistic healthcare services to satisfy users' needs across all aspects of the healthcare products and services sector and provide easily accessible, convenient and affordable healthcare products and services for everyone in China.

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