4689.JP - Z Holdings Corp 雅虎日本

雅虎日本 (Z Holdings Corp) 是一家日本互联网搜索服务供应商。该公司经营两个业务部门。营销解决方案部门是从事搜索连锁广告产品和展示广告产品的策划和销售。消费者部门提供与商业相关的服务,如拍卖、购物和付费的数字内容以及会员服务,如雅虎溢价和雅虎 BB以及信息披露服务,如雅虎房地产。

Z Holdings' portal site, Yahoo Japan, was one of the first Internet services in Japan, and it has maintained its market-leading position in terms of monthly active user numbers and page views. In addition, the company offers a variety of Internet services, including e-commerce, online travel, and online video. In October 2013, the firm began a new e-commerce strategy of waiving store tenant fees and sales royalty fees on its Yahoo Shopping service to compete with Rakuten and Amazon Japan. The company acquired Zozo in 2019 and integrates Line in 2021.

英文介绍: https://www.morningstar.com/stocks/xtks/4689/quote


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