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Allogene Therapeutics, Inc. 是一家临床阶段免疫肿瘤学公司,开创了用于治疗癌症的基因工程异体T细胞疗法的开发和商业化。公司正在开发一种现成的T细胞候选产品系列,旨在靶向和杀死癌细胞。Allogene Therapeutics, Inc.工程改造的T细胞是同种异体的,这意味着它们来自健康供体,用于任何患者,而不是来自患者的个体患者,如自体T细胞的情况。该公司于2017年11月30日在特拉华州成立,总部位于加利福尼亚州南旧金山。


Allogene Therapeutics Inc is a United States-based clinical stage immuno-oncology company. It is mainly engaged in the development and commercialization of genetically engineered allogeneic T cell therapies for the treatment of cancer. The company is involved in developing a pipeline of multiple allogeneic T cell product candidates utilizing validated gene editing and advanced proprietary cell manufacturing technologies. Its pipeline includes UCART19 which is developed for the treatment of relapsed or refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), as well as several preclinical allogeneic CAR T therapies.



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