ARK 每周股评 – 1/23/2021


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

Niu (NIU)
+16%Niu (NIU) closed up more than 16% on Tuesday perhaps in response to a report on electric scooters and motorcycles published by ResearchandMarkets. Last Friday, Needham also raised its price target on Niu. Niu is a leader in electric scooters in China. 

注: 牛哥(NIU)周二收盘涨幅超过16%,或许是为了回应 ResearchandMarkets 发布的一份关于电动滑板车和摩托车的报告。上周五,Needham还上调了对牛哥的目标价。牛哥是中国电动滑板车的领导者。
ExOne (XONE)
+18%ExOne (XONE) closed up more than 21% on Tuesday and nearly 18% on Wednesday after Stifel initiated coverage with a buy rating. As stated in Stifel’s report, ExOne is “well-positioned to benefit from increased adoption of 3D printing technology for industrial end part production”.

注: 在 Stifel 启动买入评级后,ExOne(XONE)周二收盘上涨超过21%,周三上涨近18%。正如 Stifel 报告中所说,ExOne “处于有利地位,将受益于3D打印技术在工业终端零件生产中的更多应用”。
Netflix (NFLX)
+16%Netflix (NFLX) jumped 16% on Wednesday after reporting better than expected fourth-quarter subscriber growth and announcing that it no longer will need external financing for day-to-day operations. Netflix added 8.5 million new subscribers in the quarter, increasing its global base of paying members to more than 203 million. With a forecast of break-even free cash flow by year-end, Netflix should lay to rest the bear case around an ‘unsustainable’ debt load.  

注: Netflix (NFLX) 周三大涨16%,此前公布的第四季度用户增长好于预期,并宣布日常运营不再需要外部融资。Netflix 本季度新增850万用户,使其全球付费会员基数增加到2.03亿以上。由于预计到年底自由现金流将达到收支平衡,Netflix 应该会平息围绕 “不可持续 “的债务负担的熊市案例。
Agora, Inc. (API)
+18%Agora, Inc. (API) rallied 18% on Wednesday after the surge in a COVID virus mutation in the U.K. and a COVID-related partial lockdown in Northern China. In China, Agora is a key enabler of online education which accounts for roughly 25% of its revenue. Agora is an API based real-time-communications company enabling live video and voice engagement at scale. 

注: Agora, Inc. (API) 周三上涨18%,此前英国出现 COVID 病毒突变事件,中国北方也出现了与 COVID 相关的部分封锁事件。在中国,Agora 是在线教育的重要推动者,约占其收入的25%。Agora 是一家基于 API 的实时通信公司,实现了大规模的视频直播和语音参与。
BASE Inc. (4477 JP) 
+17%BASE Inc. (4477 JP) surged 17% on Thursday as part of a broader rally in Japanese internet stocks. Japan recently confirmed its first cases of the UK-variant COVID virus and declared a national emergency. Commonly known as the Shopify of Japan, BASE enables business and consumers to launch online stores within minutes. 

注: BASE 公司(4477 JP)周四大涨17%。(4477 JP) 周四大涨17%,是日本互联网股票大范围反弹的一部分。日本最近确认出现了首例英国变种COVID病毒,并宣布全国进入紧急状态。BASE 俗称日本的 Shopify,让企业和消费者能够在几分钟内推出在线商店。
Yeahka Ltd (9923 HK)
+18%Yeahka Ltd (9923 HK) rallied 18% on Friday after local brokerage firm, AnXin, rated it “Buy”, reinforcing the impact of Nomura’s initial buy rating this week. Yeahka is a leading independent payments platform in China. 

注: Yeahka Ltd (9923 HK) 周五反弹18%,此前本地券商安信将其评级为 “买入”,强化了野村本周首次买入评级的影响。Yeahka是中国领先的独立支付平台。
Palantir (PLTR)
+25%Palantir (PLTR) shares climbed 25% on Friday perhaps in response to an update on its Demo Day scheduled for January 26th. The event will demonstrate the latest versions of its Foundry, Gotham, and Apollo software platforms. 

注: Palantir(PLTR) 股价周五攀升了25%,或许是对其定于1月26日举行的演示日的最新情况作出了回应。该活动将展示其 Foundry、Gotham 和 Apollo 软件平台的最新版本。


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