ARK 每周股评 – 10/1/2022


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

Ginkgo Bioworks (DNA)
+20%Shares of Ginkgo Bioworks traded up ~20% on Wednesday during a broad market rally. The Boston-based synthetic biology company has extensive expertise in developing and optimizing microbes for valuable downstream products in many industries. With large, automated lab facilities, it partners with many companies.1 In our view, intellectual property along with equity and royalty streams from its partnerships are Ginko’s primary value drivers.[1] Ginkgo often takes both a fee and an equity stake in and/or royalty rights from its customers.

注:Ginkgo Bioworks的股票在周三的大盘反弹中上涨了约20%。这家总部位于波士顿的合成生物学公司在开发和优化微生物以生产许多行业有价值的下游产品方面拥有广泛的专业知识。它拥有大型的自动化实验室设施,与许多公司合作。1在我们看来,知识产权以及来自其合作关系的股权和版税流是银杏的主要价值驱动力。[1] 银杏经常从其客户那里获得费用和股权和/或版税权。
Zymergen (ZY)
+20%Shares of Zymergen traded up ~20% on Wednesday, in tandem with DNA. Ginkgo Bioworks (DNA) recently announced that it will acquire Zymergen, a product-oriented synthetic biology company with a core technological backbone in enzymatic and microbial engineering. Over the past decade, the company has invested heavily in custom, high-throughput laboratory infrastructure to accelerate its design, build, test, and learn (DBTL) cycles.

注:Zymergen的股票在周三与DNA同步交易,上涨了~20%。Ginkgo Bioworks(DNA)最近宣布,它将收购Zymergen,这是一家以产品为导向的合成生物学公司,其核心技术骨干是酶和微生物工程。在过去的十年中,该公司在定制的高通量实验室基础设施方面进行了大量投资,以加快其设计、构建、测试和学习(DBTL)周期。
Senti Biosciences (SNTI)
+50%Shares of Senti Biosciences traded up ~50% on Thursday after an analyst at Bank of America initiated coverage with a “buy” rating. The company uses genetic logic circuit technology to develop highly precise medicines and cell therapy treatments for a broad range of indications. Its technology potentially could target malignancies by enabling cells to sense and adapt to the tumor microenvironment.

注:在美国银行的一位分析师以 “买入 “评级开始报道后,Senti生物科学公司的股票在周四交易中上涨了约50%。该公司利用基因逻辑电路技术为广泛的适应症开发高度精确的药物和细胞治疗方法。其技术有可能通过使细胞感知和适应肿瘤微环境而针对恶性肿瘤。


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