ARK 每周股评 – 2/22/2021


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

ZhongAn Online (6060 HK)
+32%ZhongAn Online (6060HK) appreciated more than 32% on Tuesday in what we believe is a delayed response to results that suggest its heavy investment spending is paying off. ZhongAn is an online-only insurance company based in China that has expanded into new markets and products during the past few years. As a result of increased business activity and lower than expect underwriting losses, ZhongAn expects to report that it turned the corner from losses to a net profit for the full year in 2020. 

注: 众安在线(6060HK)周二升值逾32%,我们认为这是业绩的延迟反应,表明其大量投资支出正在得到回报。众安是一家总部位于中国的在线保险公司,在过去几年中,该公司拓展了新的市场和产品。由于业务活动增加和承保亏损低于预期,众安预计报告将在2020年实现全年从亏损到净利润的转折。
Butterfly Network (BFLY)
+17%Butterfly Network (BFLY), a medical technology company focused on democratizing access to point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) devices, traded up nearly 17% on Wednesday after consummating its merger with Longview Acquisition Corporation (LGVW), a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). In our view, investors are building positions in Butterfly as they learn more about its competitive advantages, particularly its application of federated learning and avoidance of piezoelectric crystal technology.

注: 蝴蝶网络(BFLY)是一家专注于实现医疗点超声(POCUS)设备民主化的医疗技术公司,在与特殊目的收购公司(SPAC)Longview Acquisition Corporation(LGVW)完成合并后,周三交易量上涨近17%。我们认为,投资者在进一步了解蝴蝶公司的竞争优势,特别是其应用联合学习和避免压电晶体技术的情况下,正在建仓蝴蝶公司。
Yeahka (9923 HK)
+26%Yeahka (9923HK), a QR-code based independent payment processing company in China, rose 26% on Wednesday, as part of a broad-based rally in China-based SaaS companies. 

注: 基于二维码的中国独立支付处理公司移卡(9923HK)周三上涨26%,这是中国SaaS公司广泛反弹的一部分。
Fastly (FSLY)
-15%Fastly (FSLY), an edge computing platform-as-a-service company, traded down 15% on Thursday despite reporting fourth quarter revenue and 2021 revenue guidance in line with expectations. The results were underwhelming on a sequential basis compared to those of its competitor, Cloudflare (NET), as well as on an organic basis excluding the contribution from Signal Sciences. 

注: 边缘计算平台即服务公司Fastly(FSLY)尽管报告第四季度营收和2021年营收指导符合预期,但周四交易量下降了15%。与其竞争对手Cloudflare(NET)的业绩相比,以及在不计入Signal Sciences的贡献的有机基础上,该业绩连续表现不佳。
Organovo (ONVO)
-15%Organovo (ONVO), a biotechnology company focused on 3D-bioprinting, traded down 15% on Thursday in a broad market selloff. We believe shares will remain volatile until Organovo reveals more about its path forward. 

注: 专注于3D-生物打印的生物技术公司Organovo(ONVO)周四在大盘抛售中下跌15%。我们认为,在Organovo透露更多关于其未来发展道路的信息之前,股价将保持波动。
Stratasys (SSYS)
-15%Stratasys (SSYS) closed down 15% during a broad-based market sell-off on Thursday after the company reported that it acquired RPS, a UK based stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing company, and plans to phase out its V650 Flex, an SLA 3D printer introduced in 2019. 

注: Stratasys(SSYS)周四在大盘抛售中收跌15%,此前该公司报告称收购了英国立体光刻(SLA)3D打印公司RPS,并计划逐步淘汰其2019年推出的SLA 3D打印机V650 Flex。
ExOne (XONE)
+18%ExOne (XONE) closed up more than 18% on Friday, perhaps in a delayed response to an announcment that it is developing a 3D printing factory housed in a shipping container for the Department of Defense (DoD). 

注: ExOne(XONE)周五收盘涨幅超过18%,或许是对其宣布正在为国防部(DoD)开发一个装在集装箱里的3D打印工厂的延迟反应。


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