ARK 每周股评 – 2/27/2022


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful. (MNDY)
-28%Shares of dropped nearly 28% on Wednesday after the company reported fourth quarter earnings that surpassed consensus expectations but guided to wider than expected losses as it reinvests in the business. Revenues and the number of customers generating more than $50,000 in revenues per year increased 91% and ~ 200% on a year-over-year basis, respectively, and net retention rates remained over 120%. We maintain our conviction that will continue to increase share in the cloud-based productivity and collaboration market. provides cloud-based software applications and work management tools globally.

注: Monday.com的股价在周三下跌了近28%,此前该公司公布的第四季度收益超过了一致预期,但由于其在业务上的再投资,指导了比预期更大的损失。收入和每年收入超过50,000美元的客户数量分别同比增长91%和~200%,净保留率保持在120%以上。我们仍然坚信Monday.com将继续增加在基于云的生产力和协作市场的份额。Monday.com在全球提供基于云的软件应用程序和工作管理工具。
Cloudflare (NET)
+19%Shares of Cloudflare traded up nearly 19% on Thursday, benefiting from investor demand in cybersecurity stocks following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Cloudflare offers cloud-based security, performance, reliability, infrastructure, and developer solutions globally.

注: Cloudflare的股价周四上涨近19%,受益于俄罗斯入侵乌克兰后投资者对网络安全股票的需求。Cloudflare在全球范围内提供基于云的安全、性能、可靠性、基础设施和开发者解决方案。
Kratos (KTOS)
+21%Shares of Kratos appreciated more than 21% on Thursday following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Kratos supplies high-powered jet drones to the military.

注: 俄罗斯入侵乌克兰后,Kratos的股票周四升值超过21%。克拉托斯公司向军方提供高功率喷气式无人机。
Kaspi (KSPI)
-31%Shares of Kaspi fell 31% on Thursday following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Baring Vostok Capital Partners, a Russian private equity firm at which Kaspi’s CEO once worked, is one of Kaspi’s investors. Although the bulk of its business is in Kazakhstan, Kaspi did acquire 100% of Ukrainian payment company Portmone Group in 2021. Russia’s invasion could impact Kaspi’s plans to expand its presence in Ukaraine. Kaspi is the largest Kazakhstan-based digital wallet, serving more than half of the population.

注: 俄罗斯入侵乌克兰后,Kaspi的股价在周四下跌了31%。Kaspi首席执行官曾任职的俄罗斯私募股权公司Baring Vostok Capital Partners是Kaspi的投资者之一。虽然其大部分业务都在哈萨克斯坦,但Kaspi确实在2021年收购了乌克兰支付公司Portmone Group的100%股权。俄罗斯的入侵可能会影响到Kaspi在乌克兰扩大业务的计划。Kaspi是哈萨克斯坦最大的数字钱包,为一半以上的人口服务。
Tinkoff (TCS: LI)
-58%Shares of Tinkoff fell more than 58% on Thursday following Russia’s attack on Ukraine and then rebounded almost 56% on Friday after China modified its stance and urged Russia to negotiate with Ukraine while the United States and many European countries issued sanctions only on the largest banks in Russia. Tinkoff is a digital wallet and financial ecosystem provider based in Russia.

注: 在俄罗斯袭击乌克兰后,Tinkoff股价周四下跌超过58%,然后在中国修改立场并敦促俄罗斯与乌克兰谈判后,周五反弹了近56%,而美国和许多欧洲国家只对俄罗斯的最大银行发出了制裁。Tinkoff是一家位于俄罗斯的数字钱包和金融生态系统供应商。
Opendoor (OPEN)
-23%Shares of Opendoor traded up 19% ahead of the company’s earnings report on Thursday, and then dropped more than 23% yesterday in response to lower-than-expected results, particularly a decline in its contribution margin from 13% to 4%. Analysts are concerned about balance sheet risk given the considerable capital and financing required necessary for the iBuying business. Opendoor provides a residential real estate transaction platform and associated services.

注: 在该公司周四发布收益报告之前,Opendoor的股价上涨了19%,然后在昨天下跌超过23%,以回应低于预期的结果,尤其是贡献率从13%下降到4%。鉴于iBuying业务所需的大量资本和融资,分析师对资产负债表风险表示担忧。Opendoor提供一个住宅房地产交易平台和相关服务。
Farfetch Ltd. (FTCH)
+39%Shares of Farfetch appreciated 39% on Friday after the company reported fourth quarter results. Gross merchandise value (GMV) increased 32% last year, and management reiterated its outlook for 30% growth at an annual rate during the next few years. We maintain high conviction in Farfetch’s e-commerce backend solution and sustaining GMV growth via the introduction of luxury beauty products on its platform starting in the second quarter of this year. Farfetch provides a global e-concession platform for the personal luxury goods industry.

注: Farfetch的股票周五在该公司公布第四季度业绩后升值39%。去年的商品总价值(GMV)增长了32%,管理层重申了在未来几年内每年增长30%的前景。我们对Farfetch的电子商务后台解决方案和通过今年第二季度开始在其平台上引入奢侈美容产品来维持GMV增长保持高度的信心。Farfetch为个人奢侈品行业提供了一个全球电子特许经营平台。
Block (SQ)
+26%Shares of Block traded up 26% on Friday in response to the company’s fourth quarter earnings. Block’s solid performance assuaged analysts’ concerns that, in the absence of COVID-19 government stimulus, the momentum in Cash App, Block’s consumer-focused digital wallet, would slow down considerably. Block’s management also noted continued strong momentum in January and February, citing 21% growth in Cash App’s gross profit on a year-over-year and 73% two-year-annualized basis. Block – formerly Square – offers the Cash App digital wallet, the Tidal music streaming service, Spiral (formerly Square Crypto), and TBD54566975, a decentralized finance system focused on Bitcoin.

注: 周五,Block股价上涨26%,以回应该公司的第四季度收益。Block的稳健表现缓解了分析师的担忧,即在没有COVID-19政府刺激措施的情况下,Block以消费者为中心的数字钱包Cash App的发展势头将大幅放缓。Block的管理层还指出,1月和2月的势头持续强劲,现金应用的毛利润同比增长21%,两年的年化增长率为73%。Block–前身为Square–提供Cash App数字钱包、Tidal音乐流媒体服务、Spiral(前身为Square Crypto)和TBD54566975,这是一个专注于比特币的去中心化金融系统。


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