ARK 每周股评 – 3/8/2021


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

ExOne (XONE)
+24%ExOne (XONE) closed up more than 24% on Monday. ExOne, a leader in binder jetting 3D printing technology, may have been responding to Stratasys's fourth quarter report in which both revenues and earnings topped expectations.

注: ExOne(XONE)周一收盘涨幅超过24%。ExOne是粘合剂喷射3D打印技术的领导者,可能是对Stratasys第四季度报告的反应,该报告中的收入和盈利都超过了预期。
Pacific Biosciences (PACB)
+15%Pacific Biosciences (PACB), a leading provider of highly accurate, long-read sequencing solutions, surged 15% on Monday as investors and speculators bid it up in advance of the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) conference this week. During AGBT, spokespeople from Pacific Biosciences and Children's Mercy Hospital unveiled preliminary data suggesting that PacBio's HiFi long read whole genome sequencing (WGS) significantly outperforms short-read sequencing the diagnosis of rare and Mendelian diseases. In a prospective setting, HiFi WGS generated a 67% diagnostic yield compared to 45% for short-read sequencing. Based on the organic adoption of long read sequencing, a sizable $900 million investment from SoftBank, and a transformational technology partnership with Invitae (NVTA), we believe PacBio is well positioned to dominate the WGS market in both clinical and population-research settings.

注: 高精度长读测序解决方案的领先供应商PacBio(PACB)周一暴涨15%,因为投资者和投机者在本周举行的基因组生物学和技术进展(AGBT)会议前将其标价提高。在AGBT会议期间,太平洋生物科学公司和儿童仁慈医院的发言人公布了初步数据,表明PacBio的HiFi长读全基因组测序(WGS)在诊断罕见和孟德尔疾病方面的表现明显优于短读测序。在一个前瞻性的环境中,HiFi WGS产生的诊断收益率为67%,而短读测序的收益率为45%。基于长读测序的有机应用、软银9亿美元的巨额投资,以及与Invitae(NVTA)的转型技术合作,我们相信PacBio完全有能力在临床和人群研究环境中主导WGS市场。
Silvergate Capital (SI)
-17%Silvergate Capital (SI) traded up 16% on Monday in line with rising cryptocurrency prices, then traded down 17% on Thursday during a broad-based equity market correction. In our view, the Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN), with its strong network effects, positions it as both a facilitator and prime beneficiary of increased crypto adoption.

注: 银门资本(SI)周一随着加密货币价格的上涨而上涨16%,然后在周四股市大盘调整期间下跌17%。我们认为,银门交易网(SEN)凭借其强大的网络效应,将其定位为加密技术应用增加的促进者和主要受益者。
Vuzix (VUZI)
-22%Vuzix (VUZI), a company developing wearable display technology, traded up 25% on Monday in response to a press release announcing that Microsoft Teams will support its M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses. On Thursday, the stock dropped 22% in a broad-based equity market correction.

注: Vuzix(VUZI)是一家开发可穿戴显示技术的公司,周一交易量上涨了25%,因为该公司发布新闻稿,宣布微软团队将支持其M400和M4000智能眼镜。周四,该股在大盘调整中下跌了22%。
Stratasys (SSYS)
-17%Stratasys (SSYS) closed down nearly 17% on Wednesday after pricing a 6.9 million share secondary at $29. Stratasys is a leader in polymer 3D printing.

注: Stratasys(SSYS)周三收盘下跌近17%,定价为29美元的690万股二级市场。 Stratasys是聚合物3D打印领域的领导者。
Schrödinger (SDGR)
-27%Schrödinger (SDGR), a computational drug and material discovery company leveraging its highly-differentiated, physics-based platform, dropped 27% on Thursday after reporting quarterly and full-year results that disappointed investor expectations. In its 2021 guidance, Schrödinger highlighted that growth in its core software is slowing down as the size of its customer contracts increases, extending sales cycles and limiting near-term revenue visibility. Additionally, Schrödinger's internal drug development pipeline progress has slowed down slightly, pushing IND-submissions into early 2022 instead of late 2021. Despite these concerns, we believe Schrödinger's medicinal chemistry platform offers a powerful and unique view into chemical space, which should become more apparent as its internal and collaborative programs enter clinical stages.

注: 薛定谔(SDGR)是一家利用其高度差异化、基于物理学的平台进行计算药物和材料发现的公司,在公布了令投资者失望的季度和全年业绩后,周四下跌了27%。薛定谔在2021年的指导意见中强调,随着客户合同规模的增加,其核心软件的增长正在放缓,延长了销售周期,限制了近期收入的可见性。此外,薛定谔的内部药物开发管线进度略有放缓,将IND提交时间推至2022年初,而非2021年底。尽管有这些顾虑,我们相信薛定谔的药物化学平台为化学空间提供了强大而独特的观点,随着其内部和合作项目进入临床阶段,这种观点应该会更加明显。
Veracyte (VCYT)
-15%Veracyte (VCYT), a vertically integrated provider of molecular diagnostic and prognostic testing, closed down 15% on Thursday in a broad equity market selloff. We believe investors are concerned about the stability of tissue-based biopsies in the face of delays associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. In our view, Veracyte is extremely well positioned in the molecular diagnostics space, especially after its recent acquisition of Decipher Biosciences, which will move it into a market-leading position in 7 of the 10 most lethal cancers in the United States.

注: Veracyte(VCYT)是一家垂直整合的分子诊断和预后测试供应商,周四在股市大跌中收盘下跌15%。我们认为,面对COVID-19大流行带来的延误,投资者担心组织型活检的稳定性。我们认为,Veracyte在分子诊断领域的地位非常好,特别是在最近收购Decipher Biosciences之后,这将使其在美国10种最致命的癌症中的7种中处于市场领先地位。


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