ARK 每周股评 – 4/24/2021


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

Editas Medicine (EDIT)
-15%Editas Medicine (EDIT), a gene-editing company, harnessing the power of CRISPR Cas9 and Cas12a, traded down 15% last Friday after Goldman Sachs Analyst, Madhu Kumar, initiated on the stock with a sell and a $20 price target. ARK believes that Editas’ newly appointed CEO, James Mullen is the right leader to move the company’s pipeline further into the clinic.

注: 艾迪塔斯医药公司(EDIT)是一家利用CRISPR Cas9和Cas12a的力量进行基因编辑的公司,上周五在高盛分析师Madhu Kumar对该股提出卖出和20美元的目标价后,交易量下降了15%。ARK认为Editas新任命的首席执行官James Mullen是将公司的管道进一步推向临床的正确领导者。
Organovo (ONVO)
+21%Organovo (ONVO), a biotechnology company focused on 3D-bioprinting, traded up 21% on Wednesday, possibly because investors and speculators could be gaining confidence in Organovo’s ability to maximize its 3D-bioprinting assets and deliver on a revitalized commercial strategy. We believe shares will be volatile until Organovo reveals more about its path forward.

注: Organovo(ONVO)是一家专注于3D生物打印的生物技术公司,周三交易量上升了21%,可能是因为投资者和投机者可能对Organovo最大限度地利用其3D生物打印资产并实现振兴商业战略的能力越来越有信心。我们认为,在Organovo披露更多关于其前进道路的信息之前,股价会有波动。
Skillz (SKLZ)
+33%Skillz (SKLZ) jumped 33% on Wednesday, finding investor support after a recent short report hit the stock. The recent allegations against the company range from its revenue recognition practices to its recent NFL partnership. After reviewing the reports, we believe the claims to be either exaggerated or incorrect. We believe these short reports stem from a misunderstanding of the company, its position in the gaming ecosystem, and its future ambitions. Skillz is a leading mobile games platform that enables competitive esports-style play. Leveraging its patented match-making technology, Skillz hosts billions of casual esports tournaments worldwide per year.  

注: Skillz (SKLZ)周三跳涨33%,在最近的空头报告打击该股后,找到了投资者的支持。最近对该公司的指控包括从其收入确认做法到其最近的NFL合作关系。在审查了这些报告后,我们认为这些说法要么是夸大其词,要么是不正确的。我们认为,这些简短的报道源于对公司、其在游戏生态系统中的地位以及其未来雄心的误解。Skillz是一个领先的移动游戏平台,实现了竞技电竞式的游戏。利用其专利的匹配技术,Skillz每年在全球举办数十亿次休闲电竞比赛。 


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