ARK 每周股评 – 5/22/2022


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

Global-E (GLBE)
+18%Shares of Global-E rose 18% on Tuesday, rebounding from a severe decline the prior week after the company announced its first quarter earnings. Global-E is an e-commerce platform that facilitates seamless cross-border commerce for direct-to-consumer merchants.

注: Global-E的股价在周二上涨了18%,在该公司宣布其第一季度收益后,从前一周的严重下跌中反弹出来。Global-E是一个电子商务平台,为直接面向消费者的商家提供无缝跨境商务。
Vuzix Corp (VUZI)
+20%Shares of Vuzix Corp traded up 20% on Tuesday after the company published a teaser press release announcing a new corporate development. On Wednesday, management revealed its exclusive partnership to license a next generation micro light emitting diode (mLED) display solution from France-based Atomistic SAS, and the right to acquire Atomistic. Pending research and development, the technology could decrease the size of microdisplays used in augmented reality (AR) glasses without sacrificing efficiency, ensuring that Vuzix's AR glasses are both ergonomic and fashionable. Vuzix offers AR display and computing glasses for consumer and enterprise markets globally.

注: Vuzix公司周二股价上涨20%,此前该公司发布了一份预告性新闻稿,宣布了一项新的企业发展。周三,管理层披露了与法国Atomistic SAS公司的独家合作,授权其开发下一代微型发光二极管(mLED)显示解决方案,并有权收购Atomistic。在研究和开发完成之前,这项技术可以在不牺牲效率的情况下减少增强现实(AR)眼镜中使用的微型显示器的尺寸,确保Vuzix的AR眼镜既符合人体工程学又很时尚。Vuzix为全球消费者和企业市场提供AR显示和计算眼镜。


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