ARK 每周股评 – 5/28/2022


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

-18%Shares of 2U fell 18% on Wednesday after Piper Sandler downgraded the stock, highlighting regulatory risk and university insourcing as potential issues. We believe 2U’s cloud infrastructure offers the best online education platform and that its acquisition of edX, a massive online course provider created by Harvard and MIT, will be game-changing.

注: 2U的股票在周三下跌了18%,此前Piper Sandler下调了该股的评级,强调监管风险和大学内包是潜在问题。我们认为2U的云基础设施提供了最好的在线教育平台,它对哈佛和麻省理工学院创建的大规模在线课程供应商edX的收购将改变游戏规则。
Nurix Therapeutics (NRIX)
-19%Shares of Nurix Therapeutics dropped 19% Thursday, then recovered 9% on Friday. The company’s recent volatility might involve speculation around the addition of 40 patients to a clinical trial cohort in response to positive initial data readouts. Nurix Therapeutics is a small molecule therapeutics company developing drugs that exhibit heterobifunctional protein degradation activity.

注: Nurix Therapeutics的股票周四下跌了19%,然后在周五恢复了9%。该公司最近的波动可能涉及围绕为响应积极的初步数据读数而在临床试验队列中增加40名患者的猜测。Nurix Therapeutics是一家小分子治疗公司,开发表现出异功能蛋白降解活性的药物。
Archer Aviation (ACHR)
+18%Shares of Archer Aviation rose 18% on Friday as its competitor, Joby Aviation, received FAA certification to operate aircraft commercially and signaled significant regulatory progress for the entire electric vehicle takeoff and landing (eVTOL) industry. Our research suggests that an eVTOL service could transport individuals from big cities to airports in a fraction of the time and for the same cost as taxi rides today. Archer Aviation is an aerospace company aiming to revolutionize mobility with its eVTOL products and services.

注: Archer Aviation的股价周五上涨了18%,因为其竞争对手Joby Aviation获得了FAA的飞机商业运营认证,并标志着整个电动汽车起降(eVTOL)行业在监管方面取得了重大进展。我们的研究表明,eVTOL服务可以在一小部分时间内将个人从大城市运送到机场,而且费用与今天乘坐出租车的费用相同。Archer Aviation是一家航空航天公司,旨在通过其eVTOL产品和服务彻底改变移动性。
Arcturus Therapeutics (ARCT)
+25%Shares of Arcturus Therapeutics traded up 25% on Friday, perhaps in response to strong 3-month durability data for its COVID vaccine. The vaccine also demonstrated efficacy against both the BA.1 and the BA.2 subvariants of COVID. Arcturus Therapeutics develops mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics for the treatment of infectious and rare genetic diseases.

注: Arcturus Therapeutics公司的股票周五上涨了25%,也许是为了回应其COVID疫苗3个月的强大耐久性数据。该疫苗还显示了对COVID的BA.1和BA.2亚变体的疗效。Arcturus Therapeutics公司开发基于mRNA的疫苗和疗法,用于治疗传染性和罕见的遗传性疾病。
Farfetch (FTCH)
+26%Shares of Farfetch appreciated 26% today on “better than feared” results after the company reported first-quarter earnings that missed Wall Street estimates for both revenue and non-GAAP EPS. Despite Covid-related weakness in China and a halt to its operations in Russia, Farfetch’s revenue and gross merchandise value (GMV) increased 6% and 2%, respectively, on a year-over-year basis. Excluding Russia and China, Farfetch’s GMV grew 20% year-over-year. Our conviction in Farfetch's ability to execute, once the world stabilizes, remains high. Farfetch is a London-based e-commerce platform for personal luxury goods.

注: Farfetch的股价今天上涨了26%,因为该公司公布的第一季度收益在收入和非GAAP每股收益方面均未达到华尔街预期。尽管中国市场与Covid有关的疲软以及在俄罗斯的业务停止,Farfetch的收入和商品总值(GMV)分别同比增长6%和2%。如果不包括俄罗斯和中国,Farfetch的GMV同比增长20%。我们对Farfetch的执行能力充满信心,一旦世界局势稳定下来,我们对Farfetch的执行能力仍然充满信心。Farfetch是一个总部设在伦敦的个人奢侈品电子商务平台。
Iovance Biotherapeutics (IOVA)
-53%Shares of Iovance Biotherapeutics traded down 53% today after the company announced results from its autologous tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) treatment targeting melanoma. While it did not publish the complete dataset, Iovance disclosed that the second of four cohorts demonstrated a 29% objective response rate (ORR) compared to the first cohort’s 36% last year, and that the duration of response was 10 months, much lower than the 36 months still in progress for the first cohort.

注: Iovance Biotherapeutics公司的股票今天下跌了53%,此前该公司公布了针对黑色素瘤的自体肿瘤浸润淋巴细胞(TIL)治疗结果。虽然没有公布完整的数据集,但Iovance公司披露,四个队列中的第二个队列显示了29%的客观反应率(ORR),而去年第一个队列为36%,反应持续时间为10个月,远低于第一个队列仍在进行的36个月。
Zymergen (ZY)
+18%Shares of Zymergen traded up 18% on Friday with the broader market rally, buttressed by the company’s new partnership with Octant. Zymergen will provide Octant with its scalable, modular lab automation tools and software. Zymergen is a product-oriented synthetic biology company with a strong technological backbone in enzymatic and microbial engineering.

注: Zymergen公司的股票在周五随着大盘的反弹而上涨了18%,该公司与Octant的新合作关系为其提供了支持。Zymergen将向Octant提供其可扩展的、模块化的实验室自动化工具和软件。Zymergen是一家以产品为导向的合成生物学公司,在酶学和微生物工程方面拥有强大的技术骨干。


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