ARK 每周股评 – 5/7/2022


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

Accolade (ACCD)
+16%Shares of Accolade, a pioneer in hyper-personalized healthcare benefit management for employers of all sizes, rose nearly 16% on Monday after last week’s sharp selloff. During its earnings call last week, Accolade reduced its revenue guidance by ~5% but maintained its intermediate and long-term EBITDA guidance. In our view, Accolade’s data-driven, third party-audited ROI has positioned it as a premier benefits manager. As the digital health market undergoes rapid, structural change, we believe Accolade's cash position, brand, and diverse customer/product portfolios will help shape the self-insured employer market.

注: Accolade是为各种规模的雇主提供超个性化医疗福利管理的先驱,其股票在上周大幅下挫之后,周一上涨了近16%。在上周的收益电话会议上,Accolade将其收入指引降低了约5%,但维持其中期和长期EBITDA指引。我们认为,Accolade的数据驱动、第三方审计的投资回报率使其成为首要的福利管理机构。随着数字健康市场经历快速的结构性变化,我们相信Accolade的现金状况、品牌和多样化的客户/产品组合将有助于塑造自我保险的雇主市场。
Etsy (ETSY)
-17%Shares of Etsy traded down nearly 17% on Thursday after the company reported first quarter earnings during a broad market selloff. Despite beating Wall Street consensus estimates, Etsy did guide to a slowdown in growth similar to other companies in the consumer internet space. Etsy’s revenue increased 5% thanks to 3.5% growth in consolidated gross merchandise sales (GMS), 63% growth in active sellers, and ~5% growth in active buyers. We believe that growth in Etsy's vendor ecosystem highlights its leading position as a niche marketplace platform. Etsy operates marketplace platforms internationally through,, and

注: Etsy的股价周四下跌了近17%,此前该公司在市场大跌期间公布了第一季度的收益。尽管超过了华尔街的一致预期,但Etsy确实引导了类似于消费互联网领域其他公司的增长放缓。由于综合商品销售总额(GMS)增长3.5%,活跃卖家增长63%,活跃买家增长约5%,Etsy的收入增加了5%。我们认为,Etsy的供应商生态系统的增长突出了其作为利基市场平台的领先地位。Etsy通过、Reverb.com和Depop.com在国际上运营市场平台。
-15%Shares of NIO fell 15% on Thursday after the company disclosed its inclusion on the list of companies at risk for delisting under the US Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act (HFCAA). NIO is exploring options for reducing the potential impact of any delisting, including additional listings in Hong Kong and Singapore. NIO is a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in China.

注: 在蔚来NIO披露被列入美国《外国公司责任法》(HFCAA)规定的退市风险公司名单后,该公司股价周四下跌15%。蔚来NIO正在探索减少任何退市的潜在影响的方案,包括在香港和新加坡的额外上市。蔚来NIO是中国领先的电动汽车制造商。
Veracyte (VCYT)
-15%Shares of Veracyte traded down roughly 15% on Thursday in a broad market sell-off after it reported better than expected revenue and earnings. Veracyte’s revenue increased 85% in the first quarter as its net loss dropped sharply. Sell-side analysts do not seem to understand dynamics in the oncology space or the operating leverage that Veracyte should enjoy after completing its vertical integration with two acquisitions, HalioDx and NanoString’s FLEX platform. Veracyte is a global leader in minimally invasive, molecular cancer testing.

注: Veracyte公司的股票在周四的大盘抛售中下跌了大约15%,此前该公司的收入和收益好于预期。Veracyte第一季度的收入增长了85%,其净亏损大幅下降。卖方分析师似乎不了解肿瘤学领域的动态,也不了解Veracyte在完成对HalioDx和NanoString的FLEX平台这两项收购的垂直整合后应享有的经营杠杆。Veracyte是全球微创分子癌症测试的领导者。
Bill (BILL)
-21%Shares of traded down almost 21% on Friday after the company reported first quarter results that missed expectations. Despite strong net customer additions, reported lower than expected growth in revenue and total payment volume (TPV). is a software and business-to-business payments provider for small and medium businesses in the US.

注: Bill.com的股票周五下跌了近21%,此前该公司公布的第一季度业绩未达预期。尽管客户净增量强劲,但Bill.com报告的收入和总支付量(TPV)的增长低于预期。Bill.com是一家面向美国中小企业的软件和企业对企业支付供应商。
Burning Rock (BNR)
-17%Shares of Burning Rock traded down 17% on Friday in a broad market sell off. The company is a leader in precision oncology and molecular diagnostics in China. Its commercial channels, business model, and technology cater to the three-tiered hospital system in China.

注: 在广泛的市场抛售中,燃石医学的股票周五交易量下降了17%。该公司是中国精准肿瘤学和分子诊断领域的领导者。其商业渠道、商业模式和技术迎合了中国的三级医院体系。
CareDx (CDNA)
-19%Shares of CareDx traded down nearly 19% on Friday after the company reported earnings that beat revenue expectations and then reiterated previous guidance. CareDx’s suite of testing products is moving into new organs and insured populations, both of which have slightly lower Average Selling Prices (ASP). That said, in our view, the company has a decade-long track record of securing reimbursement in commercial populations with robust clinical evidence that ultimately bolsters ASPs. CareDx is modernizing transplant medicine with deep genomics expertise, machine learning, and longitudinal patient management. The company employs multi-modal testing––including donor-derived cell-free DNA (dd-cfDNA) liquid biopsy, gene expression profiling (GEP), and prognostic AI-based software––to assess the risk of organ rejection.

注: CareDx的股价周五下跌了近19%,此前该公司公布的收益超过了收入预期,然后重申了之前的指导意见。CareDx的检测产品套件正在进入新的器官和投保人群,两者的平均销售价格(ASP)略低。尽管如此,我们认为,该公司在确保商业人群的报销方面有十年的记录,有强大的临床证据,最终支持了平均销售价格。CareDx正通过深入的基因组学专业知识、机器学习和纵向的病人管理,使移植医学现代化。该公司采用多模式测试--包括供体来源的无细胞DNA(dd-cfDNA)液体活检、基因表达分析(GEP)和基于人工智能的预后软件--来评估器官排斥的风险。
Cloudflare (NET)
-16%Shares of Cloudflare fell nearly 16% on Friday in a larger sell-off of high-growth technology stocks. During its first quarter earnings call, Cloudflare announced a better-than-expected 54% increase in revenue, an increase in dollar-based net retention from 125% to 127%, and a 30% increase in the number of paying customers to more than 150,000. We believe Cloudflare should continue to gain meaningful share in cloud-based computing, security, and infrastructure solutions.

注: Cloudflare的股价在周五下跌了近16%,这是对高增长科技股的较大抛售。在其第一季度财报电话会议上,Cloudflare宣布收入增长54%,好于预期,基于美元的净留存率从125%增加到127%,付费客户数量增加30%,超过15万个。我们相信Cloudflare应该继续在基于云计算、安全和基础设施解决方案方面获得有意义的份额。


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