ARK 每周股评 – 8/14/2021


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

Caribou Biosciences (CRBU)
+16%Caribou Biosciences (CRBU), a CRISPR-focused company seeking to leverage gene editing to create cancer therapeutics, traded up 16% on Monday, participating in a broad-based rally in gene-editing stocks. Caribou is accelerating into the clinic and, on Thursday, announced that it had dosed the first Phase 1 patient in its CRISPR-edited allogeneic anti-CD19 CART cell therapy for metastatic B Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

注: Caribou Biosciences (CRBU)是一家专注于CRISPR的公司,寻求利用基因编辑来创造癌症治疗方法,周一上涨16%,参与了基因编辑股票的广泛反弹。Caribou正在加速进入临床,并在周四宣布其CRISPR编辑的异体抗CD19 CART细胞治疗转移性B细胞非霍奇金淋巴瘤的第一期患者已经用药。
3D Systems (DDD)
+21%3D Systems (DDD) closed up 21% on Tuesday after reporting better than expected second quarter sales and earnings. On a year over year basis, the sales of this 3D printing company increased 45%, or roughly 60% adjusted for divestitures.

注: 3D Systems(DDD)在公布了好于预期的第二季度销售和收益后,周二收盘上涨21%。在同比的基础上,这家3D打印公司的销售额增长了45%,或大约60%的资产剥离调整。
Joby (JOBY)
-15%Joby (JOBY) is an electric vertical take-off and landing company that plans to launch an air taxi service in the next five years. On Wednesday, Joby completed its SPAC merger, which pushed JOBY up 33%, followed by a 15% decline on Thursday.

注: Joby(JOBY)是一家电动垂直起降公司,计划在未来五年内推出空中出租车服务。周三,Joby完成了SPAC合并,这推动JOBY上涨了33%,随后在周四下跌了15%。
ExOne (XONE)
+45%ExOne (XONE) shot up 45% on Thursday after Desktop Metal announced an agreement to acquire the company and augment its binder jet 3D printing capabilities. Desktop Metal explained that the companies have complementary technologies focused on different segments of the market.

注: ExOne(XONE)周四大涨45%,此前Desktop Metal宣布同意收购该公司并增强其粘合剂喷射3D打印能力。Desktop Metal解释说,这两家公司有互补的技术,专注于市场的不同领域。
Opendoor Technologies (OPEN)
+24%Opendoor Technologies (OPEN) traded up 24% on Thursday after the company announced stronger than expected quarterly revenues and earnings. Opendoor also launched its services in 12 new real estate markets and increased its acquisition of homes by 136% sequentially, taking on more inventory risk based on its confidence in the housing market.

注: Opendoor Technologies(OPEN)周四交易量上涨24%,此前该公司宣布季度收入和盈利强于预期。Opendoor还在12个新的房地产市场推出了服务,并且连续增加了136%的房屋收购量,基于对房地产市场的信心,承担了更多的库存风险。


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