ARK 每周股评 – 8/21/2021


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

Sema4 (SMFR)
-17%Sema4 (SMFR), a patient-centric health intelligence company, traded down roughly 17% on Tuesday after reporting weaker than expected earnings. Sema4 missed on revenue mostly because of a slowdown in COVID-19 testing revenue which, in our view, is irrelevant to the company's long-term mission. While its 'platform approach' to precision healthcare isn't unique, we believe its Mount Sinai Health System heritage has imbued Sema4 with a deep understanding of physicians' needs.

注: Sema4(SMFR)是一家以病人为中心的健康情报公司,周二在报告了弱于预期的收益后,交易量下降了大约17%。Sema4的收入不及预期,主要是因为COVID-19测试的收入放缓,在我们看来,这与该公司的长期使命无关。虽然其精准医疗的 "平台方法 "并不独特,但我们相信其西奈山卫生系统的遗产使Sema4对医生的需求有了深刻的理解。
Fate Therapeutics (FATE)
-17%Fate Therapeutics (FATE), a biopharmaceutical company that produces allogeneic cellular immunotherapies from renewable induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines, traded down 17% on Friday after announcing data from its iNK cell programs. Although investors seem to be focused on the durability of the response, ARK believes that this data suggests a treatment profile preferable to autologous CART cell therapy. Autologous cell therapy is a novel therapeutic intervention that uses an individual's cells which are cultured and expanded outside the body and reintroduced into the donor, whereas allogeneic cell therapy relies on donor cells to treat many patients. Some benefits of allogeneic cell therapy include a decrease in cost and an increase in scalability, product consistency, and expanded access to the sickest patients.

注: Fate Therapeutics (FATE)是一家利用可再生诱导多能干细胞(iPSC)系生产异体细胞免疫疗法的生物制药公司,在公布了其iNK细胞项目的数据后,周五交易价格下跌了17%。虽然投资者似乎关注的是反应的持久性,但ARK认为这一数据表明其治疗情况优于自体CART细胞疗法。自体细胞疗法是一种新的治疗干预方法,它使用个人的细胞,这些细胞在体外培养和扩大,并重新引入捐赠者体内,而异体细胞疗法则依靠捐赠者的细胞来治疗许多病人。异体细胞疗法的一些好处包括降低成本,提高可扩展性,产品的一致性,以及扩大对最病患者的治疗。
Organovo (ONVO)
+20%Organovo (ONVO), a biotechnology company focused on 3D-bioprinting, traded up roughly 20% on Friday, possibly because investors and speculators are gaining confidence in management’s ability to maximize its 3D-bioprinting assets and deliver on a revitalized commercial strategy. We believe shares will be volatile until Organovo reveals more about its path forward.

注: Organovo(ONVO)是一家专注于3D生物打印的生物技术公司,周五的交易价格上涨了大约20%,可能是因为投资者和投机者对管理层最大限度地利用其3D生物打印资产并实现振兴商业战略的能力越来越有信心。我们认为,在Organovo公司披露更多关于其前进道路的信息之前,该公司的股价将是波动的。
Joby Aviation (JOBY)
+18%Joby Aviation (JOBY), an air taxi company, has been volatile since completing its SPAC merger last week. On Friday, Joby traded up roughly 18% on little news except for a Seeking Alpha piece that described the business case for Joby and put a $10 price target on the stock.

注: Joby Aviation(JOBY)自上周完成其SPAC合并后一直处于波动状态。上周五,Joby交易上涨了大约18%,除了一篇Seeking Alpha的文章,描述了Joby的商业案例,并为该股设定了10美元的目标价。


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