ARK 每周股评 – 8/9/2022


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

Genius Sports (GENI)
+20%Shares of Genius Sports appreciated ~20% on Tuesday, participating in a broad rally in technology stocks. Genius Sports is a business-to-business (B2B) technology infrastructure provider that collects, analyzes, and distributes data to sports leagues, sports betting platforms, and media partners.

注:周二,Genius Sports的股票上涨了20%,参与了科技股的广泛反弹。Genius Sports是一家企业对企业(B2B)技术基础设施供应商,收集、分析并向体育联盟、体育投注平台和媒体合作伙伴分发数据。
Butterfly Network (BFLY)
+16%Shares of Butterfly Network rose ~16% on Wednesday after the company announced quarterly earnings that beat analyst expectations for both revenue and earnings. Management reported a significant lift in margins, suggesting continued momentum in software sales, and announced several other business development catalysts, including a collaboration with Texas-based Baylor Scott & White (BSW) that will deploy Butterfly’s Compass software at scale. Butterfly Network is an innovative medical imaging company focused on commercializing a portable, low-cost point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) system.

注:Butterfly Network (BFLY)的股价在周三上涨了16%,此前该公司公布的季度收益超过了分析师对收入和收益的预期。管理层报告了利润率的大幅提升,表明软件销售的持续势头,并宣布了其他几个业务发展的催化剂,包括与德克萨斯州的Baylor Scott & White(BSW)合作,将大规模部署蝴蝶的Compass软件。Butterfly Network (BFLY)是一家创新的医疗成像公司,专注于将便携式低成本的医疗点超声(POCUS)系统商业化。
Coinbase (COIN)
+20%Shares of Coinbase appreciated ~20% on Wednesday after bitcoin’s price rose above $23,000, reclaiming its 200-week moving average. On Thursday, Coinbase announced a partnership with BlackRock that will enable institutional clients of Aladdin, BlackRock's investment technology solutions platform that services $40 trillion in assets, to trade bitcoin and take advantage of Coinbase's custody, prime brokerage, and analytics solutions. In our view, the partnership has the potential to validate cryptocurrencies as a new asset class and accelerate bitcoin’s institutional adoption. Coinbase is a leading centralized cryptocurrency exchange serving both retail and institutional clients.

Moderna (MRNA)
+16%Shares of Moderna rose ~16% on Wednesday after the company’s earnings call, in which management highlighted strong growth and a $3 billion dollar stock buyback. We believe Moderna's stock price might have been boosted also by the Biden Administration’s declaration of Monkeypox as a national emergency. Moderna's goal is to deliver mRNA-based therapeutics for a new generation of transformative medicines.

MercadoLibre (MELI)
+16%Shares of MercadoLibre traded up ~16% on Thursday after the company reported second-quarter earnings, including revenue that increased 57% in local currency on a year-over-year basis. Although its total revenue growth did decelerate, local currency growth in Mexico reaccelerated from 59% in the first quarter to 66%. Commerce and fintech revenue grew 23% and 107%, respectively, year-over-year. Management dialed back new credit card issuance, as non-performing loans as a percentage of total loans outstanding increased, but emphasized that non-performing loans are well-provisioned. While mindful of the economic weakness in most emerging markets, we believe that MercadoLibre has the potential to become the dominant e-commerce and fintech platform in Latin America.

Cloudflare (NET)
+27%Shares of Cloudflare rose ~27% on Friday after the company reported strong second-quarter revenue growth of 54% year-over-year, a gross margin of 79%, and guidance that surpassed analysts' expectations. Cloudflare signed a record number of large customers that now represent 60% of total revenue and leveraged the breadth of its platform to navigate around the deteriorating macro environment. Although management anticipates near-term macro headwinds including longer sales cycles, we believe Cloudflare's success in large enterprise sales and new product innovation signals meaningful long-term growth opportunities.



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