ARK 每周股评 – 9/18/2021


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

Verve Therapeutics Inc (VERV)
-16%Verve Therapeutics traded down 16.3% on Monday on no news. Verve is developing in vivo gene editing treatments for congenital hypercholesterolemia. Insiders own more than 5% of VERV, a stock that has appreciated 140% in the past two months. Given little reason for this correction, we believe the explanation is simple: profit-taking, more sellers than buyers.

注: Verve Therapeutics Inc (VERV) 周一在没有消息的情况下交易量下降了16.3%。Verve公司正在开发针对先天性高胆固醇血症的体内基因编辑疗法。内部人士拥有超过5%的VERV股份,该股在过去两个月中升值了140%。鉴于这次修正的理由不多,我们认为解释很简单:获利回吐,卖家多于买家。
Berkeley Lights (BLI)
-19%Berkeley Lights (BLI), a life science tools company focused on the high-throughput phenotypic analysis of single cells, fell roughly 19% on Wednesday in response to an anonymous short-seller report. As explained on Twitter, we believe the report’s author(s) have little understanding of the molecular biology relevant to Berkeley Lights. Moreover, during recent conversations with Berkeley’s customers, we and others have received feedback that contradicts the short report’s contentions completely.

ARK believes that Berkeley Lights’ technology has a broad and unique set of features vital to the rapidly growing fields of biologics, cell therapy, synthetic biology, and drug development. We intend to publish more insights about the Berkeley Lights’ technology and growth prospects in the weeks ahead. 

Today, BTIG published a report at odds with Scorpion Capital’s conclusions, pushing BLI up more than 15%.

注: Berkeley Lights (BLI) 是专注于单细胞高通量表型分析的生命科学工具公司, 周三因一份匿名做空报告而下跌约19%。正如在Twitter上解释的那样,我们认为该报告的作者对与 Berkeley Lights (BLI) 相关的分子生物学了解甚少。此外,在最近与伯克利的客户交谈中,我们和其他人收到的反馈与该短报告的论点完全相反。
Surface Oncology (SURF)
+17%Today, Surface Oncology, a company developing first-in-class antibody therapies for the treatment of solid tumors, traded up more than 17% in response to analyst upgrades as well as positive AZ results involving a monoclonal antibody that targets an overexpressed gene in non-small cell lung cancer known as CD73. Surface Oncology has licensed its CD73 technology to NVS.

注: 开发用于治疗实体瘤的一流抗体疗法的公司 Surface Oncology (SURF) 上涨了17%以上,以回应分析师的升级以及涉及一种针对非小细胞肺癌中过量表达基因(CD73)的单克隆抗体的积极AZ结果。 Surface Oncology (SURF) 已将其CD73技术授权给NVS。


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