ARK 每周股评 – 9/4/2021


We share weekly commentaries with investors on stocks in our strategies that have appreciated or dropped more than 15% in a day during the course of the week. We hope you find this commentary useful.

Iridium (IRDM)
+15%Iridium (IRDM) traded up more than 15% on Monday following rumors that Apple's new iPhone will use a satellite connection to enable emergency calls and texts when cell service is not available. Iridium discussed this capability at its analyst day, but rumors suggest that Globalstar is the frontrunner to become Apple’s satellite service provider.

注: 铱星通信(IRDM)周一涨幅超过15%,因为有传言说苹果的新iPhone将使用卫星连接,以便在没有手机服务的情况下实现紧急呼叫和短信。铱星公司在其分析师日上讨论了这一功能,但有传言称Globalstar是成为苹果卫星服务提供商的领跑者。
Yeahka (9923 HK)
+16%Yeahka (9923 HK) traded up 16% on Wednesday after releasing interim results that beat expectations for the six months ended June and attributing its growth to the "recovery of China's real economy in the first half of 2021" and the success of newer technology-enabled business services that complement its payment product. Yeahka is a payment and software provider for small and medium sized businesses in China.

注: 移卡(9923 HK)周三上涨16%,此前该公司发布的截至6月底的中期业绩超出预期,并将其增长归功于 "2021年上半年中国实体经济的复苏",以及补充其支付产品的较新技术驱动的商业服务的成功。Yeahka是中国中小型企业的支付和软件供应商。
Zoom (ZM)
-16%Zoom (ZM) traded down more than 16% on Tuesday after reporting earnings that pointed to a deceleration in the growth of its core Meetings product in the SMB/individual segment. That said, revenues increased a better than expected 54% on a year over year basis against the blistering 355% surge during the depths of the coronavirus crisis last year, and the number of customers with more than 10 employees increased a further 36%. Meanwhile, with roughly 2 million seats, Zoom Phone is gaining momentum while, with its acquisition of Five9, Zoom plans to expand horizontally with its own front-end UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) ecosystem. While higher churn from lower-end markets is not surprising as the global economy reopens, Zoom is likely to overcome that slowdown with share gains in the massive enterprise segment as it evolves the most technologically advanced offering for video conferencing and PBX. Zoom is a leader in cloud communications, providing solutions for video conferencing, voice, and chat worldwide.

注: Zoom(ZM)周二下跌超过16%,此前的财报显示其核心会议产品在中小企业/个人领域的增长速度有所下降。尽管如此,收入同比增长54%,好于预期,而去年在冠状病毒危机的深处,收入激增355%,拥有10名以上员工的客户数量又增加了36%。同时,Zoom Phone拥有大约200万个座位,正在获得发展势头,同时,随着对Five9的收购,Zoom计划通过自己的前端UCaaS(统一通信即服务)生态系统进行横向扩张。虽然随着全球经济的重新开放,低端市场的高流失率并不令人惊讶,但随着Zoom在视频会议和PBX方面提供最先进的技术,它有可能通过在大规模企业领域的份额增长来克服这种放缓。Zoom是云通信领域的领导者,在全球提供视频会议、语音和聊天的解决方案。
-18%JOBY (JOBY), an electric air taxi company, traded down roughly 18% on Friday following an SEC filing registering its stock for potential resale.

注: 电动空中出租车公司 JOBY (JOBY)周五在美国证券交易委员会登记其股票用于潜在转售的文件后,交易量下降了大约18%。


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