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Aerovironment, Inc. 于1971年成立于加州,后于2006年在特拉华州重组成立。公司设计、发展、生产支持并运营高新技术产品及服务。公司提供无人飞机驾驶系统(UAS),并优先为美国国防部提供服务。公司也提供电子汽车、电动车的充电系统服务,并为企业、个人客户以及政府提供测试系统服务。公司的盈利就源于这些服务,并认为这些服务还有强大的发展潜能。另外,公司坚信这些专利产品研究与开发,会成为未来的新增长点并创造出新的市场商机。

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AeroVironment Inc operates under a single business segment in which it supplies unmanned aircraft systems, tactical missile systems, high-altitude pseudo-satellites, and other related services to government agencies within the United States Department of Defense as well as the United States' allied international governments. The systems can help with security, surveillance, or sensing, and provide "eyes in the sky" without needing an actual person, or driver, in the sky.

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