BA - Boeing Co 波音

The Boeing Company 公司在商用喷气式客机、军用飞机、卫星、导弹防御、载人航天飞行和发射系统及服务的设计、开发、制造、销售、服务和支持方面处于全球市场领先地位。该公司是全球商用航空业100多座飞机的两大制造商之一,也是美国最大的国防承包商之一。最初于1916年在华盛顿州注册成立,1934年在特拉华州注册成立。


Boeing is a major aerospace and defense firm. With headquarters in Chicago, the firm operates in four segments, commercial airplanes, defense, space & security, global services, and Boeing capital. Boeing's commercial airplanes segment generally produces about 60% of sales and two-thirds of operating profit, and it competes with Airbus in the production of aircraft ranging from 130 seats upwards. Boeing's defense, space & security segment competes with Lockheed, Northrop, and several other firms to create military aircraft and weaponry. The defense segment produces about 25% of sales and 13% of operating profit, respectively. Boeing's global services segment provides aftermarket servicing to commercial and military aircraft and produces about 15% of sales and 21% of operating profit.



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