BYDDY - BYD Co Ltd 比亚迪

比亚迪股份有限公司 (BYD Co Ltd) 于1995年2月成立,是一家具有民营企业背景的香港上市公司,现拥有IT、汽车以及新能源三大产业,是一家集研究、开发、生产、销售为一体的深圳市重点高新技术企业。 随著公司的发展、业务的拓展,公司人数、工业园也急剧增长。到2010年年底,比亚迪已拥有逾20万名员工;从1995年创业时的外租厂房,到2010年年底,比亚迪已建成广东、北京、陕西、上海、长沙等全国各地共十一大工业园,占地面积逾1,500万平方米 。


BYD is a Chinese automobile and electronics manufacturing company organized into three segments. The automobile segment, contributing about half of company revenue, manufactures and sells electric and internal combustion automobiles, primarily passenger vehicles and buses, and provides low-carbon urban rail transportation products. The mobile handset components and assembly segment, contributing more than a third of consolidated revenue, sells individual components and the entire assembly of mobile handsets, tablets, and notebook computers. BYD's rechargeable battery and photovoltaic business manufacture batteries for mobile phone handsets, portable electronics, and electric power tools. BYD derives the vast majority of company revenue domestically.



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