CRWD - CrowdStrike Holdings Inc

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. 成立于2011年11月7日。公司为下一代端点保护提供领先的云交付解决方案,通过基于SaaS订阅的模型在其 Falcon 平台上提供10个云模块,该模块跨越多个大型安全市场 包括端点安全,安全和IT操作(包括漏洞管理)和威胁情报。当他们创办公司时,网络攻击者在现有安全产品方面具有决定性的非对称优势。 该公司通过采用一种全新的方法改变了对手的表格,该方法利用了应用于现代技术(如AI,云计算和图形数据库)的众包数据的网络效应。意识到网络安全问题的性质已经改变但解决方案没有改变,他们建立了他们的CrowdStrike Falcon 平台来检测威胁并阻止攻击。


CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. is a cybersecurity vendor that specializes in endpoint protection, threat intelligence and hunting, attack remediation, and offers various solutions to supplement security and network operations teams. Its cloud-based architecture collects data across all its endpoint agents, analyzes the information within its cloud platform, and updates all of its customers' security posture. CrowdStrike sells packaged tiers of cybersecurity protection and offers individual security modules via its online marketplace. The company was founded in 2011, went public in 2019, and is based in California.



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