DE - Deere & Co 约翰迪尔

迪尔公司 (Deere & Co) 于1958年根据特拉华州法律注册成立。公司主要有两块业务:设备业务和金融服务业务。设备业务包括生产和销售全系列的农用设备;各种商业、消费和风景设备和产品;以及在建设和林业应用广泛的设备。金融服务业务包括为设备采购业务应收账款提供信贷服务;提供作物风险缓释产品;延长设备保证服务。公司的经营分部包括农业和草坪、建筑和林业以及金融服务。


Deere is the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment with approximately $35 billion in annual revenue, including $3.4 billion from its financial services arm. The company is divided into two reportable segments: (1) agriculture and turf and (2) construction and forestry. Approximately 60% of Deere equipment is sold in North America and Canada. The principal products harvested by Deere equipment include grain, oilseeds, cotton, sugar, and biomass. In 2020, agriculture and turf made up approximately 71% of total revenue while construction and forestry generated 29%.



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