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Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 公司是有限的经营历史的临床前阶段生物制药公司。生物制药产品开发是一项高度投机事业,并涉及到一定程度的风险。该公司目前在临床试验中没有任何候选产品或经批准出售产品,并继续承担重要的研究和发展以及相关总务及管理费用。该公司预期在可预见的未来继续招致重大损失。即使它在未来实现盈利能力,它在以后各期也不能保持维持盈利。于2006年10月在特拉华州成立。

中文介绍: https://xueqiu.com/S/DRNA

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc is a biotechnology company involved in the discovery and development of innovative treatments for rare inherited diseases affecting the liver, along with cancers, and other therapeutic areas to address liver problems. The company is using ribonucleic acid interference (RNA) technology platform to develop its products. The product candidates are nedosiran (for primary hyperoxaluria), belcesiran (for genetic liver disease), DCR-PCSK9 (for cardiovascular disease), and RG6346 (for hepatitis B virus) among others.

英文介绍: https://www.morningstar.com/stocks/xnas/drna/quote


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