EXAS - Exact Sciences Corp 精密科学

精密科学 (Exact Sciences Corporation) 是一家分子诊断公司,专注大肠癌的早期检测和预防。公司于1995年2月10日在特拉华州合并,拥有无创分子检测技术的自主知识产权,可检测大肠癌癌前病变和大肠癌。公司目标是成为关爱病人的诊断筛查产品的市场领军企业,生产用于大肠癌癌前病变和大肠癌早期检测的产品。为实现此目标,公司制定的战略路线包括以下几个要点:研发产品,通过美国食品药品管理局(FDA)的临床批准手续;使FDA批准的产品商业化,检测大肠癌癌前病变和大肠癌;从产品支付人那拿到可观的产品补偿。

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Exact Sciences is a molecular diagnostics company focused on the early detection and prevention of certain types of cancer. Its core product is a noninvasive screening test, Cologuard, which analyzes stool-based DNA samples to detect the precancerous and early stages of colorectal cancer. The test includes DNA markers and a protein marker that can detect blood in the stool. Exact Sciences receives revenue from two sources: laboratory services and licensing fees. Its laboratory services revenue is generated by diagnostic services that use the Cologuard test. Exact Sciences also receives revenue from the licensing of its product rights.

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