FLIR - FLIR Systems Inc

菲利尔系统公司 (FLIR Systems Inc) 成立于1978年,是俄勒冈州的一家公司,是先进传感器和集成传感器系统的先驱,通过在全球工业、政府和商业市场的广泛应用,能够收集、测量和分析关键信息。该公司提供全世界范围最广的红外线(也称为热成像解决方案),产品范围从专业使用的热敏相机智能手机配件到用于军事和搜索救援应用的高度先进的机载成像系统,其产品在服务于多个市场之间。


FLIR Systems Inc designs, develops, markets, and distributes technologies that detect people, objects, and substances. The company's three business units are industrial business, government and defense, and commercial. The industrial business segment develops components used to create thermal, industrial, and other imaging systems. The government and defense business unit develops imaging and recognition solutions for military, law enforcement, and other government customers. The commercial business segment develops cameras, video recording systems, and video management systems for use in commercial and infrastructure settings. The company operates around the world, with a significant portion of revenue coming from the United States.



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