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Guardant Health, Inc. 公司是一家领先的精密肿瘤学公司,致力于通过使用其专有血液测试,大量数据集和高级分析来帮助全球征服癌症。Guardant Health, Inc. 认为征服癌症的关键是在疾病的所有阶段前所未有地获取其分子信息,他们打算通过常规抽血或液体活检来实现。Guardant Health Guardant Health Oncology Platform 旨在利用其在技术,临床开发,监管和报销方面的能力来推动商业应用,改善患者临床结果并降低医疗成本。为了实现他们在疾病的各个阶段管理癌症的目标,该公司已经开展了他们的液体活检测试,Guardant360和GuardantOMNI,用于治疗晚期癌症,为公司开展复发和早期检测测试的程序提供动力,分别为LUNAR-1和LUNAR- 2。于2011年12月在特拉华州注册成立。


Guardant Health, based in Redwood City, California, provides cancer blood tests and analytics for clinical and research use, and the firm maintains research partnerships with large biopharmaceutical companies. The company offers Guardant 360, a blood-based (liquid biopsy) test for treatment selection in advanced stage cancer, and Guardant Omni, a broader gene panel for immuno-oncology research. The company’s pipeline includes Lunar-1, for cancer recurrence detection in survivors, and Lunar-2, a liquid biopsy for early detection of cancer in higher-risk individuals, with an initial focus on colorectal cancer. Additionally, Guardant offers research development services. The United States accounts for 90% of total revenue, and other markets the remaining 10%.



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