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Global-E Online Ltd. 根据以色列法律于2013年2月21日注册成立,并于那时开始运营。Global-e的经营目标是使全球电子商务“与边界无关”–走向全球、本地化。他们建立了世界领先的平台,以实现和加速全球直接面向消费者(“D2C”)跨境电子商务。他们的平台专门为国际购物者打造,可以无缝地在线购买商品,也可以供商家使用,让商家的贸易走出去更大的市场。


Global E Online Ltd provides e-commerce solutions. It offers a platform to enable and accelerate global, direct-to-consumer cross-border e-commerce. The platform was purpose-built for international shoppers to buy seamlessly online and for merchants to sell from, and to, anywhere in the world. It localizes the shopper experience in an effort to make international transactions as seamless as domestic ones. The platform increases the conversion of international traffic into sales by removing much of the complexity associated with international e-commerce.



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