ICE - Intercontinental Exchange Inc 洲际交易所

洲际交易所集团 (Intercontinental Exchange Inc) 成立于2013年3月6日,总部位于美国乔治亚州亚特兰大。公司是一家领先的监管交易所,交易平台和清算所运营商,服务于全球农产品、信用、外汇、排放、能源及股票指数产品市场的风险管理需求。洲际交易所的客户包括来自全球70多个国家的成千上万个贸易公司,以及120个国家的市场数据客户的期货、期权、OTC掉期合约。


Intercontinental Exchange is a vertically integrated operator of financial exchanges and provides ancillary data products. Though the company is probably best known for its ownership of the New York Stock Exchange, which it acquired in 2013, ICE is the operator of a large derivatives exchange as well. The company's largest commodity futures product is the ICE Brent crude futures contract. In addition to the exchanges business that is about 55% of net revenue, Intercontinental Exchange also has mortgage technology (15% of net revenue) and fixed income & data services businesses (30% of net revenue).



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