LC - LendingClub Corp

Lendingclub Corporation 以 SocBank Corporation 的名字于2006年10月在美国特拉华州注册成立,并于2006年11月更名为 LendingClub Corporation。该公司是世界上最大的链接借款人与投资者的在线市场。


LendingClub Corp is a United States-based company engaged in operating an online lending marketplace platform that connects borrowers and investors for the provision of the loan facility. It offers investors access to an asset class that has generally been closed to many investors and only available on a limited basis to institutional investors. The company through the platform offer loan products such as personal, education and patient finance, small business and auto to interested investors. It generates a majority of the revenue from the transaction fees received from the platform's role in accepting and decisioning applications on behalf of the bank partners to enable loan originations.



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