NVDA - NVIDIA Corp 英伟达

英伟达公司 (NVIDIA Corp) 于1993年4月在加利福尼亚州注册成立,并于1998年4月在特拉华州重新注册成立。公司开创了加速计算的先河,帮助解决最具挑战性的计算问题。公司的两个主营业务——GPU和Tegra处理器——基于一个单一的底层架构。英伟达有一个平台战略,汇集硬件、系统软件、可编程算法、库、系统和服务,为服务的市场创造独特的价值。

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Nvidia is the leading designer of graphics processing units that enhance the experience on computing platforms. The firm's chips are used in a variety of end markets, including high-end PCs for gaming, data centers, and automotive infotainment systems. In recent years, the firm has broadened its focus from traditional PC graphics applications such as gaming to more complex and favorable opportunities, including artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, which leverage the high-performance capabilities of the firm's graphics processing units.

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