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Organovo Holdings, Inc. 成立于2007年,从事开发和商业化可以应用在药物发现和开发,进行生物学研究,作为植入受损或退化组织和器官的治疗的人体组织技术平台。Organovo计划引进到三维人体组织,通过构建三维创作,复制天然人类生物学的潜力。

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Organovo Holdings Inc is a biotechnology company, which designs and creates functional and three-dimensional human tissues for medical research and therapeutic applications. It also develops and commercializes a platform technology for the generation of three-dimensional human tissues that can be employed in drug discovery and development, biological research, and as therapeutic implants for the treatment of damaged or degenerating tissues and organs. The company collaborates with pharmaceutical and academic partners to develop human biological disease models in three dimensions. Organovo's key instrument platform is the NovoGen Bioprinter. The firm's 3-D bioprinting technologies create tissues using living cells and biocompatible hydrogels.

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