PLTR - Palantir Technologies Inc

Palantir Technologies Inc. 公司建立并部署了 Palantir Gotham 和 Palantir Foundry 软件平台,作为其客户的中心操作系统。该公司开始为美国情报部门开发软件,以协助反恐调查和行动。该公司后来开始与商业企业合作。于2003年5月6日在特拉华州注册成立。


Palantir Technologies provides organizations with solutions to manage large disparate data sets in an attempt to gain insight and drive operational outcomes. Founded in 2003, Palantir released its Gotham software platform in 2008, which focuses on the government intelligence and defense sectors. Palantir expanded into various commercial markets with its Foundry software platform in 2016 with the intent of becoming the data operating system for companies and industries. The Denver, Colorado company had 125 customers as of its IPO and roughly splits its revenue between commercial and government customers.



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