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Pure Storage, Inc. 于2009年10月在美国特拉华州成立。该公司的使命是提供数据存储,通过降低复杂性和成本,显着增加转换业务。该公司的创新技术旨在取代机械硬盘具有优化终端到终端的固态存储器全闪存系统的存储系统。与此同时,其创新的商业模式代替了传统的叉车式升级周期的硬件和软件的升级和维护一种常绿存储模型。


Pure Storage Inc is a US-based company which provides an enterprise data storage platform that transforms business through a dramatic increase in performance and reduction in complexity and costs. Its services include Purity Operating Environment, which is its flash-optimized software, FlashArray, its modular and scalable all-flash array hardware and Pure1, its cloud-based management, and support. FlashArray is a modular all-flash storage array designed to maximize the performance and density of flash, optimize the software services that the Purity Operating Environment provides and minimize solution cost for customers. Its customers include cloud-based software and service providers, consumer web, education, energy, governments, healthcare, media, telecommunications amongst others.



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