SNPS - Synopsys Inc 新思科技

新思科技 (Synopsys, Inc.) 于1986年在北卡罗来纳州注册成立,1987年在特拉华州重新注册成立。公司提供的产品和服务涵盖了从硅到软件的整个范围,从制造先进半导体的工程师到寻求确保代码安全性和质量的软件开发人员。公司是全球领先的电子设计自动化(EDA)软件的供应商,工程师使用软件设计和测试集成电路(IC),也称为芯片。公司还提供半导体知识产权(IP)产品,这些产品是预先设计的电路,工程师将其用作大型芯片设计的组件,而不是自行设计这些电路。公司提供软件和硬件,用于验证集成芯片的电子系统和运行在芯片上的软件。为了补充这些产品,公司提供技术服务和支持,帮助客户开发先进的芯片和电子系统。


Synopsys was founded in December 1986 (it was called Optimal Solutions until 1987) and is a market leader in electronic design automation software, or EDA. EDA is used to automate the design and verification of integrated circuits or larger chip systems. The firm provides an end-to-end workflow of EDA products. In addition, the firm offers a broad set of design intellectual property and leading software integrity tools that help customers develop secure, quality code. Historically, the firm’s tools have been relied upon by semiconductor firms, but there has been a shift toward other nontraditional "systems" users (nonsemiconductor firms interested in chip design) given the development of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and cloud computing.



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