SPCE - Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc 维珍银河

维珍银河控股公司 (Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc.) 于2017年5月5日在特拉华州成立,是一家垂直一体化的航空航天公司,为个人和研究人员开创了载人航天事业,同时也是先进航空和航天飞行器的制造商。该公司是商业载人航天的先驱,其使命是通过向广大观众开放太空和促进对宇宙的进一步探索来提升世界。

中文介绍: https://xueqiu.com/S/SPCE

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc is a United States-based vertically-integrated aerospace company pioneering human spaceflight for private individuals and researchers, as well as a manufacturer of advanced air and space vehicles. Using its proprietary and reusable technologies, and supported by distinctive, Virgin-branded customer experience, it is developing a spaceflight system designed to offer customers a unique, multi-day, transformative experience. This culminates in a spaceflight that includes views of Earth from space and several minutes of weightlessness that will launch from Spaceport America, New Mexico.

英文介绍: https://www.morningstar.com/stocks/xnys/spce/quote


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