TDY - Teledyne Technologies Inc

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated 是特拉华州的一家公司,于1999年11月29日从一家独立公司中分离出来。它是一家顶尖的精密电子设备、辅助系统、仪表和通信设备供应商。它为需要先进技术和高可靠性的工业增长市场提供支持性技术。这些市场包括航空航天和国防、工厂自动化、空气和水质环境监测、电子设计和开发、海洋研究、深水油气勘探和生产、医学成像和药物研究.


Teledyne Technologies Inc sells technologies for industrial markets. Roughly a fourth of Teledyne's revenue comes from contracts with the United States government. The firm operates in four segments: instrumentation, digital imaging, aerospace and defense electronics, and engineered systems. The instrumentation segment contributes the largest proportion of revenue and provides monitoring instruments primarily for marine and environmental applications. The digital imaging segment includes image sensors and cameras for industrial, government, and medical customers. The aerospace and defense electronics segment provides electronic components and communication products for aircraft. The engineered systems segment provides solutions for defense, space, environmental, and energy applications.



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