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Atlassian Corporation Plc 成立于2002年,旨在帮助软件团队更好地合作。该公司的产品可帮助团队组织,讨论和完成他们的工作,从而为组织带来卓越的成果。该公司的主要产品包括针对软件团队的Jira Software和针对其他业务团队的Jira Core,用于内容创建和共享的Confluence,用于捕获并快速添加结构的Trello。团队的形成工作,团队服务和支持应用程序的Jira Service Desk,事件管理的Opsgenie,企业敏捷计划的Jira Align,用于代码共享和管理的Bitbucket以及用于企业级安全和集中管理的Atlasian Access。公司的产品在一起构成了一个用于组织,讨论和完成共享工作的集成系统,从而深深地扎根于人们如何协作以及组织如何运作。


Atlassian produces software that helps teams work together more efficiently and effectively. The company provides project planning and management software, collaboration tools, and IT help desk solutions. The company operates in four segments: subscriptions (term licenses and cloud agreements), maintenance (annual maintenance contracts that provide support and periodic updates and are generally attached to perpetual license sales), perpetual license (upfront sale for indefinite usage of the software), and other (training, strategic consulting, and revenue from the Atlassian Marketplace app store). Atlassian was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.



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