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LendingTree, Inc. 于1996年6月在特拉华州注册成立,1998年7月开始在全国范围内营业。公司拥有若干品牌和业务,为消费者生活中的重大交易行为提供信息、工具、建议、产品和服务。消费者会把来自各种企业和专业人士(他们会进行业务竞争)进行贷款、房地产和其他服务的比较,而这些品牌就是最为联合体为这些消费者服务。公司将这些品牌和业务集中统一称作交易业务,具体地说就是由持续性经营构成的业务。


LendingTree Inc is a United States-based company that is principally engaged in operating an online loan marketplace. The company provides online tools and resources that can help consumers find loans or other credit-based offerings they need, including mortgage loans, reverse mortgage, home equity, personal loans, auto loans, credit cards, student loans, small business loans, and other related offerings. The company offers consumers direct access to a broad range of lenders. The company generates match fees by matching consumers with lenders, and closing fees from lenders on loans when a transaction is closed. The company operates business solely in the United States.



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