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Unity Software Inc. 于2009年5月28日改组为特拉华州公司。该公司是创建和操作交互式实时3D内容的全球领先平台。该公司的平台提供了一套全面的软件解决方案,以创建,运行和货币化交互式,实时2D和3D内容,以用于手机,平板电脑,PC,控制台以及增强和虚拟现实设备。

中文介绍: https://xueqiu.com/S/U

Unity Software Inc provides a software platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content. The platform can be used to create, run and monetize interactive, real-time 2D and 3D content for mobile phones, tablets, PCs, consoles, and augmented and virtual reality devices. The business is spread across the United States, Greater China, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific. The products are used in gaming industry, architecture and construction sector, animation industry, and designing sector.

英文介绍: https://www.morningstar.com/stocks/xnys/u/quote


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