VEEV - Veeva Systems Inc

Veeva Systems Inc. 是特定行业的、生命科学的基于云软件解决方案的全球领先供应商。解决方案使制药等生命科学公司实现现代化的基于云的架构和对他们最重要的业务功能移动应用带来的好处,而不会影响行业特定功能或监管服从。公司于2007年1月在特拉华州成立和2009年4月从 Verticals onDemand 控股公司更名为 Veeva 系统控股公司。


Veeva is a leading supplier of vertical software solutions for the life sciences industry. The company’s best-of-breed offering addresses operating and regulatory requirements for customers ranging from small, emerging biotechnology companies to departments of global pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company leverages its domain expertise and cloud-based platform to improve the efficiency and compliance of the underserved life sciences industry, displacing large, highly customized and dated enterprise resource planning, or ERP, systems that have limited flexibility. As the vertical leader, Veeva innovates, increases wallet share at existing customers, and expands into other industries with similar regulations, protocols, and procedures, such as consumer goods, chemicals, and cosmetics.



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