XLNX - Xilinx Inc 赛灵思

赛灵思公司 (Xilinx Inc) 于1984年2月在美国加州注册成立, 并于1990年4月在特拉华州重新合并。赛灵思公司设计,开发和销售可编程平台,包括高级集成电路,软件设计工具和预定义系统功能交付核心知识产权。

中文介绍: https://xueqiu.com/S/XLNX

Founded in 1984, Xilinx is the leader in FPGAs by market share. Its chips are critical in the performance of various devices in the communications, data processing, industrial, consumer, and automotive markets. Xilinx designs and sells chips, but it outsources manufacturing to third-party chip foundries such as TSMC.

英文介绍: https://www.morningstar.com/stocks/xnas/xlnx/quote


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