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The Exone Company 于2005年成立,作为Ex One有限责任公司,是宾夕法尼亚的有限责任公司。公司是一家为产业用户提供3维打印机、打印制品的全球供应商。公司的商业主要由制造和销售3维打印机和打印制品,为其在家使用3维打印机的用户提供说明书业务组成。

中文简介: https://xueqiu.com/S/XONE

The ExOne Co is a provider of 3D printing machines and 3D printed and other products, materials and services to industrial customers. The company's business consists of manufacturing and selling 3D printing machines and printing products which generate the majority of the revenues. Its machines are customized as per the customer requirements. ExOne's machines serve through direct and indirect applications, with which it produces a component as well as makes a tool to produce a component. The company offers pre-production collaboration and print products for through production service centers, which are located in the United States, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Japan. It builds 3D printing machines at the facilities in the United States and Germany.

英文简介: https://www.morningstar.com/stocks/xnas/xone/quote


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