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Zscaler, Inc. 成立于2007年,当时正值云应用和移动性的早期阶段,基于这样一个愿景:随着云成为新的数据中心,互联网将成为新的企业网络。该公司预测,随着云技术的迅速采用和员工流动性的增加,传统的外围安全方法将无法为用户和数据提供足够的保护,用户体验也将越来越差。该公司首创了一种安全云,它代表了网络安全架构设计和方法的根本转变。

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Zscaler is a security-as-a-service firm that offers its customers cloud-delivered solutions for protecting user devices and data. The firm leverages its position in 150 colocation data centers to deliver traditionally appliance-based security functionality, such as firewalls and sandboxes, as a completely cloud-native platform. The firm focuses on large enterprise customers and offers two primary product suites: Zscaler Internet Access, which securely connects users to externally managed application and websites (such as Salesforce and Google), and Zscaler Private Access, which securely connects users to internally managed applications. Both product suites encompass a broad gamut of capabilities situated across the traditional security stack.

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