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Zymergen Inc. 于2013年在特拉华州注册成立。他们与Nature合作,设计,开发和商业化基于生物的突破性产品,这些产品将为广泛行业的客户提供非凡的价值。他们的首批创新产品包括专为电子公司设计的,可用于新型智能设备(包括可卷起的平板电脑)和天然紫外线防护产品的薄膜。

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Zymergen Inc is a biofacturing company. Zymergen partners with nature to design, develop and manufacture bio-based breakthrough products that deliver value to customers in a broad range of industries. A unique combination of biology, chemistry, software and automation enables the company to design and create new materials.

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